Mobile Object Detection AI

This is a mobile app that currently implements tensorflow's coco-ssd object detection model in a react native expo environment. It processes live camera data from the device's camera and draws predictions onto the screen via an overlaying canvas.


This project is a multi-threaded, desktop, chatbox application. The server backend, programmed with Java, utilizes sqLite to create/store registered accounts and encrypts passwords with the blowfish cypher. The client’s frontend GUI was created by using Java's Swing API. Clients communicate synchronously with the server using a TCP protocol.

Careerpath Finder/Enabler - Relational Databases

This is a group project aimed at designing the relational databases to be used in a career path finder/enabler application. My team and I built relations modeling real life data collected from Linkedin, GICs, Indeed and others. The goal of this project was to demonstrate a working understanding of Oracle's Database Management System, formulate several queries using SQL/PLSQL, and normalize/structure relational database schemes.

Data Visualization of Physical Computations

Python implementation of the physical analysis problems in Computational Physics by Girodano. This project is composed of scripts that calculate and display 2D and 3D graphical figures designed to model modern mechanical and theoretical physic problems.

Dev Op Tool

Proprietary fullstack desktop application for use by UNO's IT to ease workflow when troubleshooting problems or maintaining the university network.